September 2019
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A Matter of Perception
The Comeback Kids Part 1 - From a Prison to a Palace

Leston Blackburn, September 1st

Leston Blackburn, September 8th

Who knows that perception matters? Perception is simply the way in which something is regarded, understood or interpreted. How we perceive something has a tremendous bearing on how we experience it. That was certainly true of the disciples when they were confronted by the storm. Unable to fully comprehend who Jesus was, their expereince of the storm was far different to what it could have been. As with them, so often with us.
The story of Joseph’s life is the story of a comeback kid. The King’s comeback kid! As is he, so are you. Maybe you just need to acknowledge it. Because when all of life is thrown together in His perfect whole – and lived out according to His recipe – it is amazing what happens. Maybe it’s time for us to embrace the reality that our story, life’s story, is not merely about what God can do FOR us but what God can do WITH us.
God's Comeback Kids Part 2 - A Man After God's Own Heart
The Unjust Steward

Leston Blackburn, September 15th

David Gleaves, September 22nd

In Acts 13, Luke records a message given by Paul an Antioch in which he refers to David as a man after God's own heart, someone who did all of the Lord's will. Yet the story of Bathsheba and Uriah seem to contradict this view. How then do we reconcile these seemingly contradictory realities? Is Luke airbrushing the story from the annals of history? Or is David a perfect example of one of God's comeback kids - not necessarily by his own doing but by the Lord's?
In this message, David takes a fresh look at the parable about the unjust steward. He begins by explaining the meaning and then explores how it links the reality of heaven and earth in a succinct teaching that challenges us to look at life through fresh eyes.
God's Comeback Kids Part 3 - From Denial to Devotion

Leston Blackburn, September 28th

In the concluding part of our three-part series, we take a look at the life of Peter, a disciples who, in many respects, became the de facto spokesman for the Twelve. However, commended by Jesus one moment, he is rebuked the next, only to finally deny Christ three times. Peter was a great tree felled. But God, in His mercy, would restore Peter into the apostle Jesus had always known him to be. Is Peter's story  parallel to your life? What does God still have in store for you?





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