September 2017
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Grace - God's Great Comma

The God of Compassion

Leston Blackburn,  Sep 3rd

Leston Blackburn,  Sep 10th

Thinking about how a comma can change both the meaning of a sentence as well as our perspective or perception, Leston explores how grace is like heaven's comma. It changes how we see God, ourselves and others.
David pens a wonderful Psalm about the compassion of God. As a man who knew that grace was unmerited favour and that compassion was mercy in action, David, inspired by the Holy Spirit, reflects on the compassionate nature of God. Take a moment to consider how grace, mercy and compassion are intricately linked in the work God does both for and through us.

The Role of the Watchman
New Every Morning

Leston Blackburn, Sep 24th

Mathew Clark,  Sep 17th

Reflecting on the wonderful verses found in Lamentations 3:22-23 about God's love being steadfast, His mecies being new every morning and His faithfulness being great, Leston explores how knowing the context in which these verses were penned helps us better understand and appreciate the 5-fold truth they convey to us about Gd.

Dr Mathew Clark takes a look at the role and responsibility of the watchman as laid out in Ezekiel 33 and then focuses on the role each of us plays as modern day watchmen in our world.

LICC Malvern Whole-Life Discipleship Hub
Session 1: Fruitfulness on the Frontline

Stefan Mc Nally (LICC) Sep 25th p.m.

How can a church grow as a community of people who help one another live out their whole lives – at home, work, church, in the neighbourhood – as disciples of Jesus? Churches Together in Malvern is partnering with the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity (LICC) in the coming year to put on a series of monthly training sessions to inspire and equip individuals and churches to do just that. The learning hub is led by Stefan Mc Nally of LICC and includes nine different local churches in and around Malvern. The first session was hosted by M.E.C.

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