October 2019
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The Who, What and How of Church
Kingdom or Empire?

David Gleaves, October 6th

October 13th

Speaking on the weekend of the church's 50th celebration, David brings an incredibly insightful message about what, how and why of the Church by comparing it, as the bride of Christ, to an ancient Jewish marriage ritual.
Jesus’ earthly ministry took place at the very time when the Roman Empire was at its zenith. Many people anticipated that the Messiah would come to establish an earthly kingdom, much like the Jewish kingdoms of old. They had not anticipated that His kingdom would be completely different and would be established counter-intuitively. And yet, nothing would be able to stop its advance. Empire controls. Kingdom releases. Empire orders. Kingdom invites. Empire divides people into status and race and creed.  Kingdom does away with status and standing, borders and boundaries.
Navigating LIfe
The New Covenant

Tristan Mitchell, October 27th

Leston Blackburn, October 20th

When you’re out for a walk in the countryside, a map, compass and guide book will help you to find your way around and prevent you from getting lost. But what tools do we have to help us navigate the twists and turns of our daily lives? In the complexity of our day to day, what do we focus on?Tristan looks at our spiritual navigation toolkit and links that to Jesus’ comments on the greatest commandment.
Communion began on the night of the Passover when Jesus introduced it as a celebration of the New Covenant that we would enter into through His sacrifice. The author of Hebrews remarks that, by introducing the New Covenant, the Old has become obsolete. In this message, we explore the traditional steps that would be taken in fulfilling a covenant and how each of these has been fulfilled by Christ as He introduces The New Covenant, inviting us to become partakers of it.





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