October 2017
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Called to a Hope and a Future

Sliding Doors

Leston Blackburn,  Oct 1st

Leston Blackburn,  October 8th

Jeremiah 29 contains a wonderful promise about God having plans for His people that include a hope and a future, plans to bless and not to harm. But have you ever considered the context in which this promise was given? It was the occasion of the beginning of Israel's 70 year exile in Babylon. Yet even though they were uncertain about what the future held, God promised to bless them in their very place of captivity. He would still be with them to help them, to guide them and to be their covenant God. As for them, so for us. 
Reflecting on the life of Cain and the sliding door moment in his life where God meets with him and challenges him to choose a different destiny, Leston explores how pivotal sliding door moments are in our lives and how we can trust the Lord to help us choose wisely. He explores how choosing wisely is not just about choosing a life-path, but an identity. But even if we end up in distant lands through poor choices, like Cain, or pig pens, like the prodigal, God still has a way to reach us with His sufficient love and restorative grace.

Living Among Us

David Gleaves,  Oct 15th

Comparing how God presenced Himself in the tabernacle in the Old Testament times, David considers how God presenced Himself in in a “tent” again in the New Testament, coming to earth as Christ the Son. Journey with David as he unpacks this fascinating comparison and the relevance for us of a God who longs and loves to dwell among His people.  

The God Who Sees Beyond

Leston Blackburn,  Oct 22nd

Reflecting on Jesus’ foreknowledge of Peter’s three-fold denial as recorded in Matthew 26, Leston explores the fact that Jesus also saw Peter’s future role and ministry in three other ways; as shepherd, as apostle and as martyr. The point is that Peter’s failure did not preclude him from being used for God’s glory. The God who prophesied about his denial was also the God who foresaw his life of faithful service. How good to know that our lives are in the hands of a God who not only sees our failures, but what He can make of us in spite of them.   

Worshipping Beyond these Walls

Leston Blackburn,  Oct 29th

Micah was a prophet who was raised up by the Lord to call the nations of Israel and Judah back to the heart of true worship. Speaking as a champion of the oppressed, Micah challenged the wealthy landowners to stop mistreating the poor, to realise that righteousness could not be earned and forgiveness could not be bought, to acknowledge that holiness was not a transaction to be processed and worship was not merely a programme to be followed. Indeed, there is no sacred-secular divide, and what happens during the week matters just as much to God (if not more so) than what happens at the altar on the weekend. Every day with all its many moments present opportunities for worship in the way we love and serve others. And so God challenges them to do three things: to act justly toward one another, to love kindness and walk humbly before their God.

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