November 2019
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Jesus in the Tabernacle
Jesus in The Passover, The Psalms and The Prophets

Leston Blackburn, November 3rd

Leston Blackburn, November 10th

The Old Testament is full of types and shadows that point to Christ as
The Messiah. The Tabernacle is a wonderful case in point. Amidst its
meticulous design and detail are several fascinating links revealing
God's plan of salvation, right down to the manner in which the
Israelites camped around the Tabernacle in the Wilderness. This sermon takes a look at the nuggets and gems that reveal God's heart and masterplan to extend His grace to all people across the world,
foreshadowing this amazing purpose even in the obscurity of a tent-like
structure in a desert, thousands of years ago! 
We conclude our three-part series by considering how the Passover feast points to Jesus. We then turn our attention to the Messianic Psalms and prohetic writings of the Old Testament as we consider how these are fulfilled in the life and ministry of Christ before considering statistically how likely this could have been happened by mere coincidence or random chance.  
The Cross that Changes the Balance of Power in the World

David Gleaves, November 17th

The news that Jesus would die (and rise again) shocked his closest followers, and at first sight seems disconnected with his proclamations about the coming of God’s kingdom. But Jesus teaches that God’s kingdom is fundamentally different to those of this world and turns upside-down our views on power and authority. It’s so radically different from what we know that it requires us to be completely liberated from our old selves and the powers of this world if we are to enter it. Jesus saw his death on the cross as the victory over these powers, the ‘ransom’ that allows his followers to enter God’s kingdom and, as new creations, live out this new way of ‘kingdom’ living."





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