June 2017
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The Tactile Faith of Thomas & the Tranforming Faith of Christ

Mathew Clark, June 4th

Leston Blackburn, June 11th

On this Pentecost Sunday, Dr Mathew Clark brings a very insightful and thought-provoking message about the importance of Pentecost in the life of the Christian and the implications of God sending His Spirit upon the Church.  
Thomas could hardly be described as a man of great faith. Known by many as Thomas the doubter, we tend to forget the 30 years he served as a missionary in India where he was eventually martyred for his faith. In this sermon, Leston explores what happened when the tactile faith of Thomas was confronted by the transformative faith of Christ, and the encouraging implications this holds for us.
The Race Set Before Us
Can You Take Me to Him?

Leston Blackburn, June 18th 

Peter Bennett, June 25th

Leston explores the text in Hebrews 12 that speaks about running the race that has been set before us. He reflects on the fact that we don’t always get to choose the race we run, that life’s events are sometimes thrust upon us, quite unexpectedly at times. But how we run, how we choose to respond is up to us and how we choose to walk with and in the Lord.  

Peter Bennett (one of the missionaries that MEC helps to support) shares about the uniqueness, the Lordship and deity of Jesus, yet explains how it was the Lord’s servant-heart that won his heart over. He shares about his journey to the Lord and how this culminates in our being in Christ. He finished with a very challenging question, “Are you in or are you out?”    

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