July 2017
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From Sons to Heirs
Our Limitless, Relevant, Present Saviour

Mike Dibbens, July 2nd

Leston Blackburn, July 9th 

Mike Dibbens, the senior leader from Eden Church, visited us on Sunday and spoke about the value of understanding what it means to be heirs as well as sons of God and how the kingdom of God, and therefore life in the kingdom, is something just as relevant 'here and now' as it is 'there and then'.  
In this message Leston considers just what Mark means when he writes that Jesus appeared to the two disciples (on the road to Emmaus) in 'another form.' He explores how the Lord has met people throughout history in just the right way, in just the right place and at just the righ time. He truly is our limitless, relevant, present Savour! 
You Collect My Tears In a Bottle.
Our Big God of the Small Detail

Leston Blackburn, July 16th 

Leston Blackburn, July 23rd

Psalm 56 talks about God collecting our tears in a bottle - a fascinating picture of His Father-heart. Leston examines what led David to pen this Psalm, how events unfolded, and also shares some interesting facts about tears, particularly how God responds to them. 
In today’s message, Leston explores our Great God who is the big God of the small detail. Starting with Elijah’s experience in the wilderness and subsequent encounter with God, and then exploring how God has been intricately involved in the small detail from the very beginning of time, we examine how the small things matter greatly to a God who sees both big and small alike.  
Seeing from God's Perspective

David Gleaves, July 30th 

Looking at the life of Nathaniel, the predudice that clearly existed in his heart around the time he met Jesus, yet the incrdble way Jesus saw him as man man in whom there was no guile, we are reminded that God sees us, not so much as we are, but as we can be. Join David as he explores this fascinating topic in more detail.
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