January 2020
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20:20 Vision
Making the Most of Now

Leston Blackburn, Jan 5th

Leston Blackburn, Jan 12th

20:20 vision. It is a phrase we often hear when we visit the opticians. But what does God's vision for our lives for 2020 look like? It may not be what we think. The beginning of a new year is always a poignant time to stop and reflect, to ask ourselves where we are going and to ponder where we have been. And if we are to have the kind of vision that sees all aspects of life clearly, it is imperative that we not simply consider the sharpness or clarity of our forward focus, but how aware we are as we look around peripherally and respond to the challenges and needs around us, and what we perceive and learn as we look back. This message takes a look at the 3-fold approach to vision that helps us see more clearly so that we aren't living trapped in the past or lost in the future. 
The author of Ecclesiastes begins his book by viewing everything as utterly meaningless. He laments the fact that life just seems to be about endless and pointless toil under a burning sun. However, just two chapters later, something has sifted for him. While he echoes some thoughts from chapter one, he now concludes that God makes everything beautiful in its time. Suddenly nothing is meaningless anymore – suddenly everything counts. Journey with us as we unpack the four simple truths that dramatically changed his perspective.





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