December 2019
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Are You Ready?
From His Fullness

Tristan Mitchell, December 8th

Leston Blackburn, December 15th

Taking a look at the life and ministry of John the Baptist as part of Advent, Tristan considers how this time was integral to preparing people for the coming Messiah. This thought-provoking message encourages us to explore whether we too are ready for the wonderful gift of God as we approach the celebration of Christmas.
Christmas is a time in our calendar when we celebrate the birth of our Saviour. It is a wonderful acknowledgement that God has given us the gift of Himself. It is a truly unique and special time of the year. But I wonder whether we truly fully understand and comprehend the multi-faceted magnitude of the gift of Christ. When God gave us the gift of His precious Son, He gave us the gift of the fullness of Himself.
God's Gift to You
The Three Promises of Christmas

Mark Smith, December 22nd

Leston Blackburn, December 25th

In this Christmas message, we consider the significance of Christ’s birth, and in particular, the time in which His birth was foretold. Isaiah, led by the Spirit, prophesied about the coming Messiah at the very time Judah was facing tremendous upheaval. It was God’s way of helping the nation to recognise that, despite how bleak things seemed, God was in control. This helps us to appreciate the true meaning and the three-fold promise of Christmas.  
On this Sunday before Christmas, Mark takes a look at God's gift to each and every one of us. Of course, a gift is only truly effective when it is received. Until the gift is accepted by the recipient, it remains unopened. Mark encourages us to consider God's gift of Jesus this Christmas time, and to receieve the offer of Himself. 
Happy Endings

Leston Blackburn, December 29th

We all love happy endings. Having been weaned on fairy tales, happy endings have almost come to be expected. But what happens when endings are anything but happy? As we come to the end of another year and another decade, we explore how Jesus and Paul faced unhappy endings, and how fixing our eyes on Jesus makes all the difference. It's all a matter of perspective...





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