December 2018
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Spiritual Disciplines Part 9 - Confession
Spiritual Disciplines Part 10 - Worship

Leston Blackburn, Dec 2nd

Leston Blackburn, Dec 16th

To worship in spirit and in truth is to experience God’s 'worth-ship', not by our doing, not by our initiation, not by our understanding, not by our enabling, but by His. We cannot truly worship the One we do not know, and the only way to truly know God is if He shows us. To worship is to know the reality of the resurrected Christ by the reality of His Presence. To worship is to be in those precious moments of God with God, where place becomes unimportant, where words become inadequate, where form or song selection or order of service becomes irrelevant. It is a place where communion with God becomes intimate. It is of God, in God, by God, to God and for God. If you have been in that place, you will know it. It is a place where we feel valued to the full measure yet fully aware of our own inadequacy.
Today we start the last leg of our journey as we turn our attention to the Corporate Disciplines of Confession, Worship, Guidance and Celebration. Confession is a pivotal and powerful Spiritual Discipline that lies at the very heart of the cross and makes clear God's wonderful gift of grace. When we come to God in confession, we do so in the knowledge that it is not designed to humiliate, but to heal. It is God working His grace in us as we recognise the prompting of the Holy Spirit to 'speak the same thing' to Him as He has already spoken inwardly to us as we walk hand in hand into HIs healing light and the fullness of that which God has dreamed, designed and destined for us.
Waiting for Christmas
The Missing Puzzle Piece

Leston Blackburn, Dec 23rd

Leston Blackburn, Dec 25th

Waiting for Christmas can be both an exciting and exhausting time. But have you ever considered what waiting for the very first Christmas must have been like? Today we explore this though the eyes of Simeon and Anna, to lesser-known characters from the Nativity Story. Simeon was a prophet to whom God had promised that he would not die before seeing the Consolation of Israel. Anna had spent most of her life as a widow praying for the redemption of Jerusalem. Then, suddenly, their prayers were answered one morning in a brief encounter with Mary and Joseph as they consecrated Jesus at the Temple.   
There are times in life when it feels like a piece of the puzzle in our lives is missing. Just as frustrating as it can be to build a picture puzzle only to discover that it has a missing piece, so we feel a sense of being frustrated, incomplete. Sometimes this leads us to searching for God in the hope that He can be the missing piece to our puzzle. However, the journey into grace reveals that God is far more than a missing piece in our lives. When we recognise this pivotal truth (and come to understand the message of grace as a consequence), much changes for us.  
Jesus- God's Promised Gift to Save the World

David Gleaves, Dec 30th

In Matthew’s gospel, the birth of Jesus is followed by Herod's murderous response. But just as God saved his people from Pharaoh, through Jesus he promises to defeat the powers of this earth. But how? In God's kingdom the king gives his life to free his people: Jesus’ death on the cross signals God’s victory, not just over personal sin – but over the powers who challenge God’s reign.





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