August 2018
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How God's Word Renews Our Minds
Dealing with Paradoxes

Leston Blackburn, Aug 5th

Robert Weson, Aug 12th

I have recently been doing a lot of reading and research about the human mind, and in particular, the way thoughts are formed, stored, analysed, and processed, and the way that our thoughts impact the whole of who we are. It really excites me, because it is as if the development of science in so far as the mind and the brain are concerned, is affirming and confirming the wonderful, life-changing  truths of Scripture over and over again
Jesus’ teaching contains much that is seemingly paradoxical. In this talk Robert introduces us to a few of these paradoxes and shows how Jesus calls us to grow in wisdom through a faith that is profoundly child-like but anything but childish. 

Mark Smith, Testimony, Aug 19th

David Gleaves, Aug 26th 


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