April 2017
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Guest Speaker: John Witt
What Type of King Are We Expecting?

Jon Witt, April 2nd

Kevin Fooks, April 9th

Looking at the triumphal entry (Mt 21:1-11), Kevin unpacks what happened in the days preceding the crucifixion and reveals Jesus as a King of an entirely different order - One who is humble and who brings peace. He juxtaposes Christ's entry into Jerusalem with that of Pontius Pilate and shows how distinctly different they were. He also explores how lack of true peace is endemic in our modern, Western society and how true and lasting peace can only be found in Christ. 
Jon shares an update about Dignity and also explores life in the Church at Ephesus.
The Cost of Following Jesus
Easter Sunday: The Cross is the Crux

Leston Blackburn, April 16th

Vernon Douglas, April 23rd

Matthew explores what it means to come after Jesus, to take up our cross and to follow Him. Matthew suggests that Jesus was more concerned with the discipleship of His followers after his imminent death and resurrection, rather than teaching them how to become believers. Matthew further implies that for any follower of Christ total commitment to the will of God is required.
During this Easter Sunday sermon, Leston explores how the cross of Christ is crucial to our eternal salvation.  Reflecting on the passage from 1 John 2:1-6, we examine why Jesus alone is qualified to save us, capable of saving us and consecrated to save us. 
Abiding in God

Sarah Blackburn, April 30th

 What is the secret to abiding in God?  The Bible tells us we need clean hands and a pure heart. Sarah explores how surrendering who we are to who He is, is the secret to transformation, true righteousness and holiness  and the abiding presence of God in our daily lives.
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