April 2019
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The  Journey of Faith
Stepping Out of the Crowd

David Gleaves, April 7th

Leston Blackburn, April 14th

In this message, we consider how Jesus, on two separate occasions, stood out from the crowd. In both instances, He stood beside people others considered unclean and unworthy. Jesus stands with the woman caught in adultery when others reach for stones to stone her. Jesus stands with Zacchaeus when others ostracise him and see him as a traitor. He did not come to search and destroy; He came to seek and save the lost, with a love that religious hearts and legalistic minds could never comprehend.
The journey of faith will take us from comfort, through the horrors of the cross, but ultimately to the empty tomb. God’s rescue plan has to go through Calvary to reach it. Life is not merely a human drama; it has a divine dimension to it, and God is just as busy now as He was then. He joins all the dots of our lives to reveal the bigger picture.
Chirst in the Passover Meal
False Finishes

Kata -  Jews for Jesus, April 21st

Leston Blackburn, April 28th

When we read the gospel of John, we find what appears to be a natural conclusion to his book in the final verse of chapter twenty, where John records his purposes for writing. This follows directly after Thomas acknowledges Jesus as Lord and God. But surprisingly, it doesn’t end there. Chapter twenty-one follows, and what an incredible chapter it proves to be…  
On Easter Sunday, we were privileged to host Kata from Jews for Jesus, who shared with us how the Jewish Passover Feast reveals Jesus as the Messiah.  Click on the link above to see how, as well as to learn a bit more about the work that Jews for Jesus are involved with in Hungary and around the world. 





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