April 2018
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The Reality that Changes Everything
Breakfast with Jesus

Leston Blackburn, April 1st

Geoff Richardson, April 8th

What is it that transformed the disciples from fear-filled, doubting men, huddled in a locked room, into missionaries and martyrs who would give their very lives for the privilege of sharing the good news of the gospel of God’s love? What dispelled all doubt, even after they had seen the resurrected Christ? In this sermon, Leston takes a look at the one reality that changes everything, and has been the staple and strength of Christians through the centuries.
In this sermon, Geoff considers a few points that reveal something about the Lord’s love for us and desire for us as expressed in the post-resurrection appearance to 7 of the disciples, where Jesus had prepared breakfast for them. Geoff shows how Jesus wants us to be successful in the things we do, to contribute through what we do, to enjoy fellowship and company with Him, to be in the company of others, and to meet us one-to-one.
Mind Matters
What is Your Why?

Leston Blackburn, April 15th

Leston Blackburn, April 22nd

Have you ever considered the essentail role that the mind plays in our worship and service to the Lord? It is integral to how we see, think, perceive and respond in every area of our lives, including our faith. Jesus made this clear when He said that the first and greatest commandment is to love the Lord with all our hearts, soul, mind and strength. Leston considers the role of the mind in our walk with the Lord and how being transformed by the renewing of the mind is God’s good, pleasing and perfect will for us.
Paul, referring to his new life in Christ, talks about forgetting what is behind and pressing on to lay hold of the fullness of the resurrection life, becoming complete and mature in the empowering presence of Christ. Paul deeply desired to be Christ-like. In fact, it is so important to Paul, that he calls it his one thing. It was his 'why' so to speak. In this sermon, Leston asks a pertinent question – What is Your Why?
I Am the True Vine and My Father is the Gardener

David Gleaves, April 29th

Good gardeners are passionate abut their plants. They tend them, care for them, and are able to see growth where we can’t. In John 15, Jesus refers to Himself as the True Vine and the Father as the Gardener. It draws a parallel to Isaiah’s prophecy about Jesus being the shoot that would emerge from the stump of Jesse to become a glorious, fruitful vine. In Christ, the prophecy of God’s great blessing would be fulfilled, not only to Israel, but to all those who would be grafted in to the Vine. We are fruitful as we become and remain connected to Christ our Source.    

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